Hey! We are the Mukris. If you are new to our little corner of the internet we wanted to take a second to introduce ourselves! We are Colin, Meg, Charlotte, Liv. We also have two Goldendoodle pups named Milo & Penny. We currently live in Nashville, TN and love getting to call this city home. Here is a little bit more about the Mukris (Moo-cree’s)!


Meet Colin:

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 5.48.40 PM.png

Colin was born and raised in Malaysia and moved away from his family to attend College here in the US. Upon graduating, he met and married Meg and decided to make the States his home. He has always had a dream to be a singer/songwriter but that dream was reignited in his heart while performing fundraising concerts during our adoption process. Some of his favorite things are football (not the American kind), Ramen, and planning a fun itinerary for a trip to a new place.


Meet Meg:


Hi! I’m Meg, the author behind the post so I am going to write in first person. :) I am married to my cuttteeee BFF & love getting to share life with him. Becoming a mom was a dream of mine since I was a little girl so I feel incredibly blessed to be raising our two girls. Other than that I love all things HGTV, doing everything and anything fun, and I also love all things home decor - its a fun creative outlet for me!


Meet Charlotte:


She is currently two and a handful of months and we think this age is just the most fun. She loves to dance (honestly only to “Let it Go” over and over and over….), she makes us laugh with her silly faces and sense of humor, and thanks to her dad also really loves Ramen.


Meet Liv:


She is the littlest, sweetest babe in all the land. She loves cuddles, thinks her big sister is the bees-knees and surprisingly sleeps really well. We basically spend our days trying to make her laugh because its just so cute.


Meet Milo & Penny:


Milo is 4 and Penny is 3! They are both goldendoodles although what these pictures don’t show is that Penny is pretty petite and Milo, well he’s human sized. They love eating, chasing Charlotte in the backyard, and sleeping a loottt. Sound like any other dogs you know? :)


And thats our family! We would love to get to know you a little bit too! Leave a comment and tell us something you are loving right now. It could be a show, a book, or just something you love doing in your spare time.

Thanks for reading!