Charlotte graduated from her crib probably a year before we intended. Ever since she was little, she has always been a master at crawling out. We tried alllll the things to keep her safe and contained but right after her second birthday (even with a sleep sack on and her mattress on the floor) she figured out how to LEAP over the railing so we knew her time in the crib had come to a close.

I was excited to give her room (soon to be shared with her sister Liv) a little makeover!


The cutest thing is that like every 2 year old, she LOVES frozen. So the first time she saw her room, she said “Elsa Bed!” To her the lace over the house frame looks like Elsa's ice covered castle and she LOVES it. An unintentional Mom win.


Also there isn’t a lot of toy storage because we don’t keep hardly any toys in here! Since Charlotte has free reign of her room when she goes to bed, we wanted to make sure anything left within reach was safe and also a minimal distraction. If she wakes up too early she can play with her dollhouse, stuffed animals or read a book until we come get her!


I love that their room feels so bright, but also a little magical. At night we have some “twinkle lights” we turn on as a night light and it becomes our favorite place in the house to play and read to our girls.

Some of my favorite spaces to design are the ones that are simple! I love how even without wallpaper or a painted wall (hello rental house), the room still looks intentional and finished.


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